Proud World Nine Heavens Chelsa Chapter 274 Chapter 274 Oops, there are Msports secrets in it…

Feng Lingtianxia) “I have never failed to face up to my feelings!” Chu Yang said solemnly: “But, when things have developed to that point, what can I do?” Feng Yurou frowned slightly. Indeed, even if the two of you are in love, even if Chu Yang plans to come back to pick you up, but you, Wu Qianqian, have already agreed to someone else’s marriage contract, what can Chu Yang do? But why is Wu Qianqian still so devoted to Chu Yang? In Parimatch’s view, this is something that should not be done at all. Moreover, it’s not that Chu Yang shouldn’t, but it’s that his apprentice shouldn’t! You are already someone else’s wife! And he personally promised others. I also told Chu Yang face to face, what are you doing live betting pestering Pragmatic player Chu Yang? A married woman… but pestering other men? No matter how deeply you loved each other before, you shouldn’t be entangled like this anymore. But Wu Qianqian obviously didn’t let go…it was still the same. However, this apprentice of mine should definitely not be that kind of shameless woman! What is the reason? Yue Lingxue had a headache. Too strange! Chu Yang on the side also sighed, moved his Adam’s apple, swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, and said in a hoarse voice: “Senior will understand after talking about Nairabet… Hehe, now that the old matter is brought up again, the senior sister is also listening, I shouldn’t have said it so bluntly, but it’s a pity Leap, these words have been in my heart for a long time, like a stick in my throat, I can’t spit them out!” “I’m a man, and I think I have love and righteousness!” Chu Yang smiled wryly, but his eyes were a little bit Intensified: “Spinmatic is not only for women to dream! Men also have their own dreams.” “However, when you see a woman who is tempted by Bet9ja, she is about to marry someone else

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