Aoshi Paripesa Jiuzhongtian Aoshi’s birthday! wish everyone! Sportybet blesses the world! !

Current location: Jiasu Chapter Previous article: Next article: Thank you for your unwavering company over the past 247 years! Aoshi Anniversary, I was thinking about the Evolution game a few days ago, what should I say on this day? But when this day came, I found that I couldn’t say anything. one year! Three hundred and sixty-five days! How much have we been through? That’s really hard to say. We have come through the wind and rain all the way, carrying Endorphina together. We trudge through the mud all the way, never leave! We stand proud of the world in a difficult journey! Until today, we can point to the sky! Remember what I said when I opened the book? We will be together! Let’s laugh together, be proud and crazy together! Let’s dance together, let’s dance together! You accompany Mozzartbet me, Qiongxiao dances the wind and cloud, and I accompany you! Bros! You have worked hard at 22Bet! sisters! Feng Ling thank you! ! When I typed out the phrase ‘hard work’, I suddenly fell silent. After lighting a cigarette, for a moment, I felt a little sad. We have walked along the way, how can the word ‘hard work’ be enough to describe it! ? How much ups and downs… send everyone a song. Rowan’s “Jianghu Road”! No complaints, no regrets, I will walk my way without end. In the midst of sports betting, you chase after me. Who will end the grievances? When will the world turn into rivers and lakes? Every step will be stormy. When will tears be better than blood? Everyone also calls themselves a hero. What is a slot? Games black and white distinguish right from wrong Slot Games who will know what to be afraid of? Swords, lights, swords, and shadows. Keep the wind, flowers, snow, and moon in real madrid. I have no complaints or regrets. I walk my way. There is no end to the world. Spend in Aoshi’s authentic book review area. I hope that the brothers who read the single chapter will all come to the book

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