Night Ranger Pokercasino Slot Chapter 156 Artifact [Tenth update! 】

The management of the Rosen Fortress group is still very strict. After all, now is a special moment. However, Ruiwen herself is in a small fortress, and she still has a bit of status in Paripesa. And what she chose was the passage leading to the fortress to which her town belonged, so soon, they got permission to pass. A group of three climbed along the treated cableway step by step. After some strict inspections, with Raven’s guarantee Leap, Marvin and Jessica finally successfully entered the Rosen Fortress group! Because this is the territory of the dark race, it is obviously not suitable for two surface humans to walk swaggeringly. So both Marvin and Jessica changed their appearance one after another. Marvin’s magic shape warlock baccarat has its own camouflage technique, turning itself into a middle-aged dark elf, and Jessica is an apocalypse warlock, and this little trick is nothing like Spinmatic. For man city and others, Ruiwen brought back two people of the same clan from the danger zone, which was also reasonable. However, getting into the fortress of Rumble’s dark world was only Marvin’s first step. Next, his plan must be divided into two groups. Under the leadership of Rui Wen, the group of three found a safe room, communicated in detail, and finally finalized the plan. The plan is mainly divided into two halves. The first part is completed by Jessica and Raven. They must use the forces established by Rui Wen to get as close as possible to the Dark United Council of the Rosen Fortress within a certain period of time. Jessica’s strength is enough to help Ruiwen expand her deployment, and at the same time, she can also enter the vision of the United Council of Darkness. Marvin hopes she can gain the confidence of the parliament, if she can get

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