Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 26 Betway Chapter 12 Success or 1xBet Failure?

The black Premier League shadow was getting closer and closer, and from a small point, it was slowly seen that man city was a fat man with a short stature and a slightly bloated flashscore. People like the Holy Church are not too many in the Ye family’s team this time, but they are definitely not too few! Suddenly, the figure of the black shadow staggered suddenly, fell to the ground, and then bounced up desperately. Ye Shifeng blurted out: “Not good!” Everyone immediately saw that this person was injured. It was this one who staggered, and the figure behind quickly caught up with him, slapping him away! As soon as the black figure bounced up, the fatal palm from behind suddenly approached him, and he blurted out: “Save…” Before he finished speaking, his body was already hit by the tyrannical palm force. I saw him stop strangely in the air for a moment, then suddenly raised his head, spewing out a mouthful of blood, and then his whole body was suddenly torn apart in the void, turning into blood mist all over the sky! Disappear completely! With one palm, a person who was hit directly disappeared in smoke, gone! All five members of the Ye Family saw clearly that the figure suddenly stopped, and then its body suddenly split, fragmented in the air, and then the limbs and head exploded in this terrifying process! The five people looked at this scene with serious expressions, their eyes filled with extreme anger! The face of the old man in the middle also turned cold, and Chelsa said lightly: “One palm melts the void! This is a means only available to the Supreme. It seems that this Ling family is determined.” Ye Shifeng and Ye Yuyu closed their lips tightly. No words. The other two supreme beings looked at Leap with their eyes as if they were about to spray Parimatch fire, and they clasped their hands tightly. If it was normal, I wouldn’t be so angry, but I just saw that my family

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