Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven of Rumble Chapter Pragmatic play Chapter 230 The boss is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master? !

Dear!: For mobile phone users, please visit. Or 3. Mo Tianji’s eyes shone brightly, and said word by word: “The reason why I firmly believe that Chu Yang is not dead; it is because… Chu Yang is very likely, that is This time, the one who came out in response to the robbery… Nine, robbery, sword, master!” As soon as these words came out, it was simply earth-shattering! It was like thunderbolts from the blue sky suddenly struck into the hearts of the brothers. In an instant, the brothers were silent! Ji Mo trembled all over, Luo Kedi shook his body; Ao Xie Yun suddenly turned his head to look at Mo Tianji, Xie Danqiong grabbed his heart! Deathly silence! “Nine…nine ninety-nine… Nine Tribulations Sword Master?” Luo Kedi trembling lips: “The Nine Tribulations Sword Master like a dragon? Is… real madrid is our boss?” Mo Tianji said slowly: “I Not sure.\\Provide the latest version of the Evolution game section of this chapter\\However, according to all indications, the possibility that Chu Yang is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is close to 70%!” Ao Xieyun and other bet gamers live betting body Also shook the champions league a bit. Mo Tianji’s temper never speaks out. Generally speaking, even if he is 100% sure about something, he will only say 80% of it. Eighty percent is Mo Tianji’s limit, sports betting anything, he will leave an unknown variable for Slot Games. Therefore, in Mo Tianji’s hands, Betting will always have a backup. Now, Mo Tianji says that the possibility of Chu Yang being the sword master of the Nine Tribulations Pragmatic Play is close to 70%. Then, based on everyone’s understanding of him, the probability that Mo Tianji is sure that Chu Yang is the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword is already close to 90%. Half! Thinking of this, several people were dizzy for a while! Nine Tribulations Sword Master, this is an eternal legend in Jiuchongtian Continent for 100,000 years. every pass

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