Proud Baccarat World Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 209 I am sports betting to deal with him [! 】

Ye Anran’s words directly hit Hong Wuliang’s sore spot, which aroused Hong Wuliang’s strong backlash. At the moment when his wife was mentioned, Hong Wuliang suddenly broke out. “What do you know? Ye Anran, why do you dictate my family affairs?” Hong Wuliang roared, Lianrong twisted, trembling all over, and suddenly backed away with a cry. Everyone thought that he was going to fight, but they didn’t expect that he would retreat under such a situation. Qiqi was startled, and Nairabet was startled; only then did he attack at the same time! Hong Wuliang had already flown more than a dozen feet, he opened his hand and sucked in. Thousands of amethysts on the ground were sucked into the air by him, and instantly turned into a round purple air, sucked into his mouth like a long whale sucking water. . Only then did he turn around sharply, with a snarky laugh, an extremely intense cold air suddenly burst out from his body, and he burst out violently, his palms slashed out hundreds of palms like crazy regardless of ignoring sports betting and never restraining himself again! The three of them cried out at the same time! Such a forebet violent attack must be dealt with with all our strength! Forgot about this point, after a period of time, the person with the amethyst in his body will absorb the power of the amethyst faster and faster, and even suddenly burst out all the energy of the amethyst. Although the injury to the Amethyst’s hand inside the body will be five times more severe after this blow: but this blow is unstoppable. In desperation, the three of them fought with all their strength. At the same time as LiveScore, Ye Anran suddenly sent out a voice transmission: “Pay attention to the top!” The power of the four supreme affiliates suddenly exploded in the cave! With a bang, the space on all sides of the cave swelled and cracked at the same time, and the hundreds of feet of mountains above also disintegrated suddenly, and the whole mountain suddenly burst and collapsed. Hong Wuliang Chang Xiaoyi

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