Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven 1xBet Chapter 198 What is the Lan family? 【Ninth Mozzartbet! 】

If Uncle Han had acted without hesitation, he could have saved Jin Wu’s life, but he ordered Jin Si to act instead. []<! From issuing an order, Dao Jinsi heard the order, and then flashscore executed it, after all, it takes time! In a normal battle, this amount of time has nothing to do with the overall situation. But under Chu Yang's sword, this little time is already deadly enough! Because Jian Guang has also turned his Betting meridian into a sea of ​​anger at this moment! The whole sea has boiled! And Jin Wu, lingering on his last breath in this sea of ​​sword light and frenzy of sword energy. Live betting Just when Jin Si jumped out with a roar, he also heard the last scream of his younger brother's life. "Ah, I'm not reconciled…" Chu Yang's long sword was like the wind, and he picked up the purple gold knife. The tip of the sword flashed, and one of Jin Wu's eyes flew out. After another flash, black water flowed out from the other eye, and then the long sword Once attracted, all the sword energy gathered towards the middle in an instant, and slashed down Bet9ja wildly! Immediately, in the wave of sword light, blood light kept flying up, and pieces of flesh and blood flew into the air like Nairabet's surface, and pieces of bone splashed drippingly… Chu Yang retracted his sword and stepped back, Panting, his face was already pale and bloodless. But even though he has already retreated, the sword light fury in the field has not disappeared, and he is still slashing fiercely! Jin Si roared and rushed in, the sword slashed through the sword qi crazily, and when he rushed in, he couldn't help but let out a scream: "Brother!!!" The anger of the sword light dissipated, and Jin Si stood there, holding his arms. My Betking brother roared up to the sky, screamed in grief! And on top of the heads of the two brothers, countless flesh and blood of Msports, like the next

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