Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 185 Purple Evil Man City Love [! Mozzartbet】

Fengling poker world works collection of good books, welcome to publish original Chu Yang sighed in his heart, thinking of such a picture: in the endless void, an infatuated woman wandering alone in the real madrid, looking for, searching all over The wordless desolation of finding the person he was looking for after visiting one plane after another… It is really a feeling that makes anyone want to collapse. {}[This chapter is updated by netizens] Who can understand the bitterness of hundreds of thousands of years of constant search? Chu Yang suddenly remembered the little poem that Xue Leihan made in Mozzart in the previous life and was passed down all over the world: I thought you were here, so I came…but when I came to this world, you were not here… So I reincarnated again and again, searching for the whole life… In every life, I dare not forget, just because we once met… Even if you broke the appointment again and again, let me wander forever… The world of mortals knows my sadness , but Liverpool knows that I don’t regret it… Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but read it softly. “The world of mortals only knows my sadness, but Nairabet knows that I don’t regret it.” The man in white muttered these two sentences, and suddenly smiled faintly: “Actually, I’m not sad, but I don’t regret it either.” Yang sighed and said: “Yes, if you have love in your heart, you won’t be sad.” The man in white laughed again: “No. You are too attached to the relationship between men and women, but I am not the relationship between men and women to him. I am so persistent in finding him, just to… want to say thank you to him.” She said in a daze, “Even if I find him, I don’t say a word, just look at him from a distance, and the livescore is enough man city.” Chu Yang said sincerely, “I hope you can find Betting sooner!” The man in white

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