Night Tour Parimatch Man Chapter 141 Slot Games Lance

Someone in the background will reply as soon as possible! “I don’t understand what you’re talking about?” He Dongning was still in a daze, her eyes kept flickering: “Are you feeling unwell? Why are you talking nonsense?” Ma Wen looked at everything around him coldly. He knew that everything rumbling before him was an illusion after all—no, not an illusion. This is – his dream! With all this in front of him, why did he feel familiar with BetWinner? Because he has experienced flashscore once, no, it should be flashscore more than once! Due to some kind of la liga mysterious means, his Endorphina memory was slightly erased – it was impossible for Ambera to completely erase a large part of his memory, and that would definitely cause him excessive backlash. But it’s a lot easier to erase just a small part of Bet9ja’s champions league memories. “I have to admit that you are very powerful, and you can sneak into the refuge in the White River Valley without a sound.” “Even the eyes of justice failed to detect your existence. I really made a huge mistake chelsa.” Ma Wen’s expression was not very good either, he stared at “He Dongning” coldly: “How many days have I been asleep? Two days? Or three days?” He can be sure that he has been trapped in this dream more than once Yes; because that familiar feeling is so strong, it seems to have been experienced many times. And in the previous few times, I should have cycled the previous dreams in other memory segments. Under Ambera’s deliberate arrangement, he may never wake up! This is the scariest thing about the God of Dreams. Marvin’s will has always been strong, but when he fell asleep that night, it happened to be his most vulnerable time. Ambera stepped in so she could control him

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