Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 142 Chapter 142 This can’t be forebet… [Part 7 of Endorphina! 】

E-book: title “.TXT.!” VIP volume (welcome, please:, TXT e-book network) is already early in the morning! Chu Yang sat on the ground wearily, and put away the silver needle. Just now, Wanjie, Cheng Duying, and Bao Buhuan took Ziyun Pill in turn, and all three of them were successfully promoted to the Supreme Grade of Pragmatic Play! Wanjie and Cheng Duying recovered from their injuries and were refreshed. Only when Bao Paripesa did not return the flashscore of Ziyun Dan, something went wrong. Because his injury is too serious, it is equivalent to directly using the strong medicine to open up the meridian. And not only to get through, but also to continue! Although Chu Yang had already considered this aspect before, he underestimated Wei Wuyan’s faceless sword energy, which made him exhausted, and also let Wanjie and Cheng Duying help out at the same time. Dangerous passage. Bao Bu also wandered back and forth on the Nether Crossing Betting for a hundred times, only a tiny bit away… With a bang, it exploded into fertilizer on the ground… When he finally got through and finished advancing to the Evolution game, Chu Yang’s hands and feet Sitting down on the ground with a limp buttocks, his face was pale and he was sweating profusely. Physically exhausted. In order not to be promoted, Chu Yang almost entered the Premier League with half a foot. Surebet247. “Oh, my mother too…” Chu Yang moaned, “The three of you really deserve to be called Yinyang Bridge, Road of Life and Death, and Nether Crossing… I was just wandering on the Yin Yang Bridge, wandering on the Road of Life and Death, and Nether Crossing.” Back and forth. This nickname…seems very reasonable.” Wanjie laughed loudly: “But the little brother created a new Yin-Yang Bridge, a new way of life and death, and a new Nether Ferry! Down

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