Poker World-Defying Nine Heavens, Part Seven, Chapter 120, Fengyun Nairabet wants to rise [! 】

Chapter list net, duwo,. How difficult the five days of baccarat will be… But, on the second day, Mr. Huang Xialiu was beyond excited! The sky was just getting bright in the man city, and Miracle Doctor Chu had just woken up from Spinmatic. He was sitting in the purple bamboo forest, breathing fresh air, when he heard a strange cry, which shocked Miracle Chu. Then he saw Huang Xialiu The young master rushed out with his butt naked, and rushed into the room of the two holy masters naked. Then I heard inside: “There is a reaction, there is a reaction…Look at it…it’s a little hard…” Mr. Huang’s ecstatic voice. Then I heard the excited trembling voices of two saint-level masters: “Really, really…Damn, it’s really a little hard…” Then Huang Xialiu’s voice came out: “Oh, don’t touch it! Hey! Don’t fiddle with it…” A mischievous laugh sounded: “…Uh hehe bet game hehe…” The holy level master Bai Wuji’s excited voice came: “Is it working?” Online Casino Huang Xialiu His voice suddenly became a little frustrated: “I just tried it…the roulette is still not working…it’s almost ready…” “Don’t worry, it will be available soon…” “The doctor Chu is really a doctor, even this thing can do it Healing…” Listening to the voice coming from inside, Miracle Doctor Chu was stunned, and bumped his head on the purple bamboo… Early in the morning, Chu Le’er, an employee of the Leap Medical Center, was surprised to see something that made her unbelievable. The thing: Mr. Huang Xialiu, who was terrified by the smell of this medicine yesterday, actually asked to drink it on his own initiative today. And holding the bowl, he was so careful that he would not spill a drop, he gulped down this bowl of medicinal soup that stinks like a septic tank in a public toilet

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