Proud World Nine Heavens Seventh Mozzartbet Chapter 109 The Huang Family’s Reaction 【Leap! 】

Net, duwo,. When the wives saw Huang Xialiu, they immediately cried out for their sweethearts, and they came up to boo and ask chelsa short questions, showing great concern. “See No Ads FlashScore Please Go/God Seal Throne” Huang Xia Liuzheng Nairabet met her relatives at the most difficult time in her life. The lady was in tears. A few eyes kept turning around Chu Yang’s body with unfriendly eyes, as if gnashing their teeth. Chu Yang finally understood, how did the dude get roulette…Looking at this, Huang Xialiu is holding it in the palm of his hand for fear of being small, and holding it in his mouth for fear of melting… How can anyone dare to scold her? What does he say? Huang Gongzi’s two wives stood aside timidly, as if they were a little embarrassed, their faces were red. The genius doctor Chu baccarat took a look and saw that the two wives of Mr. Huang Xia and Liu were beautiful. Although they were not overpowering, they were also very graceful and graceful. Although she is dressed as a young woman, Betking is clearly a young girl from her figure and face. There was a bit of resentment in his face and eyes… Seeing his wife, Mr. Huang immediately felt a little guilty, he didn’t even cry, he rubbed his hands, smiled, and occasionally sighed secretly… Helpless… Miracle doctor Chu suddenly had a deep understanding : The biggest helplessness in life, rumble doesn’t mean that you can’t make money, you can’t gather strength; it’s that seeing two beautiful wives by your side can make you do whatever you want, but you can’t do anything about it… Chu At this moment, Yang truly sympathizes with Huang Xialiu and Mr. Huang. Under such circumstances, he has survived for so long without committing suicide. Mr. Huang’s tolerance is also

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