Proud World Nine Spinmatic Heavy Heaven Part VII Sixtieth Bet9ja Chapter 3 Black Heart Sacred Hand

“Where… that Xiao Yulong? How did you deal with it?” Chu Xiongcheng looked annoyed. This Premier League bastard dared to attack his grandson, and he would never be spared. Even if he can’t take revenge clearly, he still has to beat him with a sap… NetEnt… After asking such a question, Yang Bao suddenly remembered, and then asked: “Exactly! Where is that Xiao Yulong who gave birth to a child without an ass hole? Damn, where is it? I’m going to tear him alive!” Chu Yang sighed, and said: “Your old man’s wish is about to come to nothing, Xiao Yulong obstructed the law enforcement, abused the law enforcement organization, beat the law enforcers, and caused ten champions league law enforcers to die. Remnant…has been pressed into the law enforcement prison…waiting for the final judgment.” There was a sound of gasping all around. “This Xiao Yulong really has a fucking livescore…” Yang Bao couldn’t help but sigh in admiration: “Damn, obstructing the law enforcement and beating the law enforcement officers, I dare not do this…Grandma, the nine masters People from the aristocratic family are bulls!” Everyone asked in a hurry, but Chu Yang repeatedly said that BGaming just said that the person who implements the flashscore method is fair, and Xiao Yulong is hateful, and then he said the result. Casino Slot didn’t know anything about the process. When asked in a hurry, they pretended to be stupid: “I just came here… I really don’t understand these things…” Everyone was suffocated, and they didn’t ask a single word of details. “Yangyang, do you know Commander Sha of the law enforcers?” Chu Feilong asked with a flash of his eyes among the people. “I know you.” Chu Yang smiled innocently, cutely and naively: “Last time, he asked me to ask a question. He was the one who came to uphold justice for me this time. Commander Sha is a good man. “Chu Feilong smiled.

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