Proud World Nine betting heavy days Chapter 50 Big fight

The text sent Chu Le’er, Chu Tenghu and others out of the hall, and Chu Feilong hurried back. Yang Bao’s mood suddenly calmed down, with a strange and dangerous calmness of a volcano before an eruption, trying his best to control his voice, and said lightly: “And then?” Although his voice was flat, he was still No one can tell that this old man is on the verge of eruption, and has reached the eruption point, and is still climbing… Mr. Chu Xiongcheng actually felt a little terrified, knowing that he couldn’t escape this matter, and said with a mournful face: “Then The law enforcers came to the door to ask for someone, saying that they would go back to investigate…then…Yang Yang followed them to Nairabet…” “Just followed them?” Yang Bao stared, as if he wanted to kill old man Chu baccarat alive BGaming swallowed: “You, a grandfather, just watched your grandson being taken away by law enforcement?” The Yang family immediately exploded. I never expected that I would come to see my nephew with great interest, but when I got here, I found that the Chu family had lost the nephew again… Yang Bao suddenly jumped up, and jumped in front of Chu Xiongcheng with one step, spraying his face full of saliva : “You old bastard, old bastard, Bet9ja old bastard, old wimp! You have been a wimp since you were young, and you have been a wimp until you are old, and you have included my grandson!” Mr. Chu blushed, and finally became angry with embarrassment, and jumped to scold Said: “What the hell can I do! That’s my grandson! Can I fucking not want to stay? This fucking is a Leap enforcer! Do you understand the enforcer? Ah? Can you afford roulette? “Fart! If you can’t afford to mess with Betway, you’ll have to mess with it!” Yang Bang said louder, “This is the fucking world!”

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