Dark Night Real Madrid Ranger Chapter 127 Dominating Livescore Power [Fourth update! 】

Ashes of witchcraft! This is Hathaway’s best witch spell, and it is also the first witch spell she comprehends. △↗, the name of the Ember Witch came from this. Ash Storm possesses the most powerful destructive power in the multiverse, even a strong star beast can kill it! Soon, those derived vines were torn into pieces! Miss Yinyue herself, Leap, also became extremely ferocious. She raised her head to the sky and roared, the roar almost made the entire underground space tremble. The storm of ashes tore at her body, first the skin, then the flesh, and finally, almost even the flesh and blood were melted away! On the side, Ma Wen, who had unsealed Yongye’s ban, was speechless. The power of ashes of witchcraft is much stronger than that of legendary witchcraft! This livescore thing seems to be directly immune to the immunity of the gods’ law! If you let this thing scratch yourself, it is estimated that Betting will be seriously injured if he is not dead! Miss Yinyue’s divine body is very terrifying, it is at the level of an ancient god! Even if it is a bit fragile after recasting, it is not mortal spells that can harm Online Casino. Anzedi’s witchcraft is indeed terrifying. Endorphina, however disturbingly, the dreaded Ashstorm, didn’t actually destroy her! Under Hathaway’s surprised eyes, she actually walked out of the storm of ashes step by step! And in the process after she stepped out of the affiliate, every time she took a step, her physical strength would regain one point. Bloody footprints along the way. After a dozen steps, her body was intact. The God of the Wild licked his lips: “I like this feeling.” “Witch, you are strong, but not enough to hurt me.” “Now. I’m hungry…” In an instant, her gaze was fixed on Jasmine next to Minsk

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