Chapter 322 Let Betting make the chelsa decision for you!

Chu Yang sneered and said, “Me? How about me at 1xBet?” He raised his eyebrows: “Even if you can reach the peak on such a ruthless road, what’s the fun in being lonely and wandering all your life? Others may choose, but I Chu Yang, I’d rather si!” Chu Yang finally understood one thing in his heart: the bet game was too expensive to ask the sword spirit himself: Could it be that the Nine Tribulations Sword Masters of all generations were ruthless and unintentional? At that time, Sword Spirit did not answer. Looking at it now, I am afraid that those people, in the process of obtaining the fourth part, chose to cut off their feelings, and finally buried all nine of their brothers… Chu Yang snorted in his heart, and suddenly a feeling rose. Sincere contempt! He betrayed his brothers and sisters, and gave up his love and affection. Such a person, even if he reached the pinnacle of the world in the Champions League, so what? Not a poor man yet! “What does the world have nothing to do with you!” Phantom stared at him for a while, then suddenly smiled: “However, if the people in the world are ruined because of your own selfish decision, Paripesa, you will not feel guilty?” Chu Yang smiled freely: ” But I will bury my brother with my own hands, I will feel even more guilty! I will be ashamed if the people of the world are si because of me, but…after all, they have nothing to do with me! But my brothers in the evolution game have been with me day and night!” He smiled faintly: “Besides… if I were here today, even if the world was wiped out, where would I feel guilty? If so , I have arrived at Jiuyou Difu, can I still be responsible for the ghosts?” Chu Yang said fiercely: “I, Chu Yang, only have two shoulders and one head! I can’t bear the world! But I can bear the Slot Games

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