Proud Poker World Nine Heavens Chapter 309 Desperate Lakeside Evolution Game Heroes!

The sixth part is four thousand miles away from Paripesa in real madrid, a man and a woman are flying desperately, and the night sky is like a shooting star! It was Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan! The husband and wife were so anxious that they changed horses and rode on the road. However, the strength of a healthy horse is not enough to travel thousands of miles. So after driving their horses for hundreds of miles, their horsepower is exhausted. Whenever this happens, if there is a town nearby, he immediately buys a horse at a high price and continues on his way. If you are in the wilderness, you will abandon the horse and gallop wildly with extreme lightness! In three days, the two drove six thousand miles away! There are still four thousand miles away from the Death Lake of Tianjian Peak! This speed, compared to their 1xBet cultivation base, is already shocking! But the two are almost exhausted! Yang Ruolan was still urging desperately, sparing no effort to move forward. They knew that if they rushed now, it might not be enough to affect the battle situation. But both of them were holding their breath, and they had to hurry over! Along the way, Yang Ruolan’s heart fluttered. Thinking of Wu Qianqian’s words. “He is an orphan, or an abandoned child.” “Others have parents, but he doesn’t.” “When he was in Tianwailou, he was usually very silent and didn’t talk much. Before that, he didn’t attract attention at all. People pay attention.” “Later, I heard from my father that Chu Yang was very strange. It seemed that he had never really smiled. Even if he laughed, it was a sneer, a sneer, and a self-deprecating one. What is Bet9ja thinking in his heart when he laughs.” “But in his whole life, I am afraid that there are not many days when he is really happy.” “I came to Iron Cloud City, too.

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