The World-Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 296 Scheduled Battle for the Throne!

The sixth Black Demon sneered at Bet9ja, and said: “Our Dark Demon has assassinated many people, but 1xBet has never killed the Sword Emperor!” He looked at Tian Buhui coldly: “The Sword Emperor, I I can assassinate, even the throne, I can also assassinate. But, for a sword emperor who is full of sword energy…Assassinate?” “Mr. Tian, ​​do you know what a sword emperor is?” Hei Mo taunted mercilessly : “The sword emperor’s acuity is the best in the world! Any killer, no matter how well he knows how to hide, can only fight the sword emperor head-on, not the so-called… assassination! Do you understand the evolution game? “Having said that, everyone nodded their heads one after another. What Black Demon said about Spinmatic is right. Even against ordinary Supreme Beings, he can use sneak attacks. As long as the methods are clever, it can be unexpected. But the Sword Emperor… the sword is the sharpest weapon in the world! Due to the sharpness of the sword, a person who cultivated into a sword emperor is equivalent to turning himself into a sword. How to sneak attack on a divine sword that Nairabet always shows its sharpness and chooses to kill? Tian Buhui said indifferently: “Master Hei Mo misunderstood me. During a decisive battle, assassination is naturally not allowed. So what I said is…sudden killing! Killing the champions league! Also baccarat means…what can I do bet game How to kill this sword emperor even if he pays some price at the beginning of the war!” After saying this, everyone became thoughtful. The black devil pondered for a while, and then slowly said: “If this is the case… for me, the black devil, it is not impossible… but… the price to pay will be expensive… “”What way?” Tian Buhui’s spirit lifted

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