World-Defying Nine Levels Leap Heaven Chapter 270 Could it be such a coincidence?

Aoshi Jiuzhongtian other book friends vomited blood Recommendation: Aotianxing and Chu Yang have almost sung this scene, so naturally it is Aoxieyun’s turn to perform. Under Ao Xieyun’s accusation, the truth of what the six geniuses of the Aoman City family did during this period of time finally came to light! Aotian Xingqi’s chest couldn’t stop heaving, and he spit out a mouthful of blood with a ‘wow’ sound. Angrily shouted: “Take these bastards to me at Liverpool! La liga” The Ao family’s purge finally found a reason! In other words, the big cleansing planned by Aotianxing has finally come to an end. This time, 600 people from the Ao family came out, almost all the masters at the imperial level came out: but those belonging to Ao Tianfeng and others never exceeded 50 people. And each of them is an important figure in their respective groups! Capture the thief first and capture the king! As long as these people are all captured without a fight, the winners in the remaining families will not even stir up a little bit of waves. Almost effortlessly, all Betway won. These people also knew that Parimatch knew that Betking was over, and there was almost no resistance: only Ao Tianfeng and a few others scolded chelsa a few times, and then they were knocked out on the spot. “Xie Slot Games cloud, in your opinion, how to deal with these people?” Ao Tianxing squinted his eyes, looked at his son, and sighed in an unknown way: “They are all your uncles. “Ao Xie Yun pondered. Obviously, my father was testing his character. Logically speaking, this cleansing of the Ao family should be done by himself: but his father did it all. For my future growth, there is no doubt that there is a lack of cruel training. Ao Xieyun hesitated for a long time, eyes

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