Chapter 244 Who dares to hurt my brother Liverpool in the Champions League? !

“Brother Li! Brother Li!” Cai Xiaocheng rushed over frantically, thinking that Li Changlong had fallen into some kind of evil spell. livescore Li Changlong raised his head blankly, Cai Xiaocheng was taken aback, and stepped back three steps. Li Changlong’s face was already wrinkled and old at this moment; his lifeless BGaming eyes suddenly shone brightly, and he murmured: “The purpose of practicing martial arts is to protect; Panpan, I want to go back!” Go back!” Li Changlong suddenly stood up and roared to the sky like a spinmatic madness. Cai Xiaocheng was at a loss. Behind him, the leader of the Zhuge family, the masked man in black, quietly put down his hand, and in the palm of his hand, hundreds of thin blue needles like ox hair quietly disappeared. “This Li Changlong suddenly lost his mind and went crazy, but that’s good, finally, Forebet doesn’t need me to do it himself!” He thought quietly in his heart: “This proud bastard almost wiped out Leap all of these people! It’s just hateful!” “Keep your distance!” Another black-clothed masked man glared and cursed at Ao Langyun: “Are you blind or deaf? Letting you chase me doesn’t mean I want you to kill them all! I want to kill them all!” Do you have to wait until now? You bastard!” Ao Langyun was so angry that his eyes went dark. Almost couldn’t hold back the anger in his heart, and retorted; but was finally stopped by Ao Mengyun: “We just want to kill Ao Xie Yun and let them, anyway, as long as Ao Xie Yun must die in the end! man city” “Hmph!” Ao Langyun snorted heavily. At this moment, the four black-clothed masked men of the Zhuge family all straightened their faces at the same time, looking at the distant sky with a cautious look in their eyes. I saw in the distant sky, suddenly a

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