Dark 22Bet Night Ranger Chapter 113 Stealing Casino Slot Thief

·Text 1xBet’s 1xBet la liga Vine of Life has emerged in large numbers, making everyone lose hope. ~, the green vines tightened their bodies and accelerated the absorption of life force from them. Spinmatic they become poker weaker and weaker. However, at this moment, a loud and powerful voice suddenly sounded: “Attention everyone! The legendary law is back!” Everyone was slightly taken aback, looking at the source of the voice. It was a man with a clean face, his eyes were clear, and a few green vines were tied around his body, but he was about to break free. “Minsk!” “It’s actually Minsk. I’ve seen his portrait, and he’s not dead.” Everyone was taken aback, and immediately realized that since Minsk can break free from Ivy’s grasp, so can they! After all, although Minsk was powerful back then, after being trapped in this wilderness palace for so many years, I am afraid that its strength has been seriously depleted. If it is true as he said, the law of legend is restored, and they all have the confidence to get rid of the shackles of the green vines. All of a sudden, various colors of light bloomed on the ceiling, and every trapped legendary expert used their own methods to try to break free. After a trial, everyone found that, as Minsk said, the law of legend has been restored! However, in the next second, their faces became very ugly again. Because surrounded by those green vines, the burning flame petals flew up. Although the human face has disappeared, the rumble on this flower still carries a palpitating power. It rushed up from the side, and the swirling petals pounced on one of the legendary powerhouses like a god of death. The latter couldn’t dodge in time, and was directly swallowed by the flower! Hiss! flames burn,

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