Bet9ja’s world-defying Nine Heavens livescore Chapter 218 Strategizing!

Chu Yang Betway sighed: “This is very roulette!” Mo Tianji sneered: “But I, BetWinner, made a wrong judgment because I really overestimated them.” He said disdainfully: “If I I don’t really believe the rumors, this time even the Ao family can be wiped out together! It’s a pity to miss the opportunity! What a pity!” “Oh?” Chu Betting Yang cheered up: “Tell me?” “The Ao family has always been Among the disciples of this generation, only Ao Xie Yun came out the most. So I take it for granted that Ao Xie Yun is the future successor of the Ao family; Wrong. And Ao Xieyun can be regarded as the top choice no matter how resourceful he is, that’s also true.” “That’s right.” Chu Yang frowned. Evolution game “But then I made a mistake, it was so wrong!” Mo Tianji sighed regretfully: “In this generation, the Ao family is known as the Seven Great Geniuses! That is to say, besides the genius Ao Xieyun, there are The six geniuses of rumble. They are Ao Qingyun, Ao Mengyun, Ao Langyun, Ao Yuyun, Ao Fengyun, Ao Chengyun. Although these six people rarely show their faces, Liverpool and even the Ao family recognize the genius of Man City , how can there be an ordinary generation?” “So I thought, since the other six people are known as geniuses, and they can be as famous as Ao Xieyun in the Ao family of the first family, then… Even if it’s bad, it can’t be that bad, right?” Mo Tian asked in a livescore manner. “That’s right, I think so too.” Chu Yang nodded. Mo Tianji fell to his feet and sighed: “That’s why I was wrong! It’s a big mistake!” “My original plan was to cause a three-day storm;

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