The one hundred and eighty-first chapter of Parimatch is all to blame the cruel father Paripesa!

Fengling Tiantian np Wu Qianqian Yike sat in the room, la liga quietly. She has hardly slept in the past few days. “My goal is in the Nine Heavens” was what Chu Yang said. So I’m going too! I won’t let you rumble see me, but I want to see you! help you! “Qianqian, when the sweet full moon comes, I will take you back for three days. There, I will recommend a famous teacher for you! Your future is limitless.” This is what Lan Meixian said. “Even if you are a king-level saint, you may not be able to; even the highest supreme, it only depends on your hard work! Don’t let down your qualifications” I will not let you down! The stronger I am, the more I can help him! “You have to help me see him, you have to help me to help him, but… don’t let him know about Tie Yang.” Tie Butian’s voice sounded from his mind again: Wu Qianqian sighed leisurely Take a breath. Two people, really have the same fate. I still remember the day when Chu Yang left, Tie Butian had a conversation with himself: “In this world, how many women get married and have children in their lifetime, and spend each other’s life forever. I have really given my heart and love! Although there are many children and grandchildren, family affection is overflowing; but true love is always lonely and lonely.” “How many strange men can there be in the world? There are tens of billions of people in Jiuchongtian Millions of women, how many Surebet247 are there, who can have a relationship or something with the man I really like, and the man who has really conquered me? I have had it, it is enough, and I am content. No longer extravagantly expecting his premier League him, if he is forced to be responsible, he will naturally be responsible, but that kind of responsibility… what’s the point?

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