Chapter 168 Spinmatic, you are a good person from Paripesa!

Chu Yang almost kicked this bastard into the river! How dare you call yourself by your nickname? It’s even strangely betting called ‘Itchy Ang,? I really owe a baccarat! But now the situation is special, so Sportybet had to swallow his breath and said: “I heard that there is a Meng family in Zhongsantian, and the family is quite big. The ones in front of me are probably the same.” Said: “So it’s the Zhongtian family? No wonder I haven’t heard of it. The Zhongtian family is huh, itchy, real madrid. This is the first Zhongtian family we have seen since we came down from Betway.” The family, huh?” The face of the throne of the Meng family on the opposite side was pale, and his body was crumbling. He was bombarded repeatedly by this powerful voice and almost collapsed. Meng Luo’s eyes lit up: Someone who has been in the last three days? It seems that the status is not low? The person next to him is a third-rank emperor of the Meng family. At this moment, Online Casino is whispering with a heavy and serious face: “Young master, this person… seems to be in the last three days.” Meng Luo turned over Rolling his eyes, he thought to himself, what do you need to say? He had already said it himself. “Moreover, the people around him are all masters…” Especially, the sword qi is soaring into the sky, and the sword qi is criss-crossing: I’m afraid… Among the men in black beside him, there is at least one sword emperor Slot Games, one sword emperor! “” Sword Emperor Sword Emperor? “Meng Luo’s eyes lit up immediately. “Besides, the person who was talking next to him didn’t show his cultivation at all, and I couldn’t see the depth…” Meng Luo was shocked. As the heir of the top three-day family, how could he not Do you know what Sword Emperor Daohuang means? There are indeed many Slot Games among the three-day emperor-level masters. At least Meng Luo knows that there is a seventh-level Betting throne! However, the pure Sword Emperor Daohuang

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