World Proud Nine Heavens First La Liga Chapter 155 Weird Ambush Champions League?

World-Proud Ninth Heaven · Swipe Shua Shua, the tide of masters chased the three of them away quickly, and the forest was completely silent. After a long time, one person walked out from each of the four directions. Mengluo, Tu Qianhao, Ou Duxiao, Tian Buhui! “Should have gone north!” Tian Buhui’s eyes flashed with danger: “Ao Xieyun really has a careful mind. He actually did the opposite.” Ou Duxiao waved his hand and sprinkled a white mist. The fog permeated for a while, and immediately fell to the ground, but there were three blank places on the ground. “They should have been here just now. It is said that their injuries can’t last long, but they are suddenly alive and well. Something must have happened here.” Ou Du smiled and looked at the three blank places in the white mist. At this place, baccarat flipped his hand, and spewed out a cloud of pitch-black and tasteless black mist. When the black mist met white mist, it suddenly became colorless. On the ground, a little bit of bright red blood clearly appeared, the size of a needle tip, scattered on the ground. “So they took the blood essence of a ninth-level spirit beast!” Ou Du said with a smile. Several other people were taken aback by his elusive method. Once again, Leap saw the strength of NetEnt, the roulette of Surebet247 of the Dusha family. This kind of magical investigative method, no matter who it is, is invisible! “This time, a few of us at Online Casino teamed up to hunt down Ao Xieyun. If we let him escape…it would be a big joke.” Meng Luo smiled softly. “Catch up!” Suddenly, a gloomy voice said: “If you still just follow behind as an afterthought, Ao Xieyun will never die.” Following the voice, I saw a masked figure in black standing in the treetops, facing the wind

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