Proud World Nine Heavens BGaming Chapter 142 of Spinmatic Chapter 142 Rui Butong’s Breakthrough!

The sixth volume of “Aoshijiu Slot Games Chongtian” If you like “Aoshijiuzhongtian”, you can or share it with more premier league book friends through the button below. In the sixth part, Rui Butong’s spirit was clearly stimulated and a little manic. Yelling, Chu Yang couldn’t stop it. Mozzart can’t help it, this guy has been too much stimulated today… Two figures rushed over in panic, and they turned out to be two emperor-level masters, the ghost thief NetEnt who appeared. “It doesn’t make sense, what’s wrong?” “Who bullied my apprentice? Bet9ja” The two old men fell to the ground, staring at Chu Yang and Tan Tan. “Master! I want to improve my strength! I can’t take it anymore!” Rui Butong cried bitterly. “Who is this person and this guy who is neither human nor ghost?” The ghost thief looked at Tan Tan and Chu Yang suspiciously. This sentence made Tan Tan suddenly resentful, and said angrily: “Old man, are you polite?” “This is my elder brother… and his younger brother.” Rui Butong hurriedly introduced; What a misunderstanding. “Well, what stimulated you?” asked the thief. “Our brothers are already at the fourth or fifth level of the Throne…” Rui Butong said with infinite sorrow: “I am the weakest…Master, if I go in this time, if I don’t rise to the fourth or fifth level, I won’t come out… “The face of the thief and the thief changed drastically. After some understanding, Chu Yang’s hairs stood on end, and he gasped. Within this large natural formation, chelsa has a strange space. The thief and the ghost thief were originally two samurai cultivation bases who were chased in by the enemy, but they broke in by mistake, only to find out that there is something hidden inside. Inside, there is an ancient ruin, and there are three human corpses inside; one of the parchment scrolls states that

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