The 112th Betway chapter of Aoshi affiliate Nine Heavens is so powerful!

With a whoosh, this small white figure has deftly passed under the unicorn dragon. With the help of the unicorn dragon’s huge body to block the line of sight, he was about to run away… Suddenly, there appeared another powerful aura in front of him, which was similar to the aura of the person who had been chasing him! In the other two directions, there is also a powerful aura approaching at the same time! Is this a net of heaven and earth? The little white shadow suddenly panicked, and Roulette, with the power of a ninth-level spirit beast, unexpectedly also numb his claws at this moment! The eyeballs rolled around a few times, and suddenly felt a very friendly aura in another direction, and rushed towards that direction without hesitation. That direction… Chu Yang was hurrying over with Mo Qingwu, when he heard the sound of heaven falling apart from a distance, Chu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, and he hurried over. Suddenly, a white shadow invisible to the naked eye approached, and before Chu Yang could react, the white shadow had already disappeared. Immediately, a powerful tornado swept over, the wind roared, and the person who was rumbled couldn’t even open his eyes, and his feet felt weak, as if he was about to be swept into the sky. With a loud shout, Chu Yang hugged Mo Qingwu tightly in his arms, and landed a heavy weight on the ice field. Suddenly, a tornado blew past, forming a tornado storm behind the two of them, and went straight away! “What’s going on here!” Chu Yang opened his eyes, sprayed a mouthful of snow lumps poured into his mouth by the tornado, shook his head, and shook his head of ice and snow. Of course, Mo Qingwu didn’t know Nairabet, she shook her head blankly. Neither of them noticed that Mo Qingwu’s fat body

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