Night Ranger Chapter 98 Affiliates hunt down Betking!

“Who the hell is NetEnt?” Marvin’s heart moved, he simply closed his eyes, sensed the ground and immediately activated 22Bet. , all the disturbances in the vicinity entered his mind. Not far away, two men in black were staring at him coldly. Marvin could even sense the undisguised murderous intent on their sports bettingOnline Casino! People from the Temple of Dreams! Marvin opened his eyes suddenly. Because he saw the badges on these two people, they are badges that only the high-level guards of the Dream Temple can have. “Although Holy Light City is one of the bases of the Celestial Kingdom in the Scarlet Wasteland, it is absolutely impossible to have such a high-level dream guardian!” Ma Wen shuddered in his heart: “This badge, if I remember correctly, is in the dream Can it be regarded as the highest among the guardians?” “As long as you make some more contributions, you can be promoted to be a real servant of God.” Marvin knew that the difference between a servant of God and a guardian of God does not actually mean a difference in strength. It is more the love and glory of the gods. Some god guards are even more powerful than god servants. The reason why these guards were not promoted to God’s Servant was because the number of God’s servants was already full, or the credit was not enough. But this does not mean that their strength is insufficient. Dreamland Temple is full of talents. Although BGaming, the god of dreams, is not as powerful as the three main gods, his unique domain is still quite shocking. As the rumors say, the God of Dreams does have the ability to control everyone’s dreams. He can kill people in dreams, and it is said that he even killed a god in man city in dreams! Of course, that’s confusing, welcome to visit

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