World-Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 99 Super sports betting level crow mouth real madrid!

Sword Spirit’s resentful thoughts and godly nagging are all a little nervous. Chu Yang felt shocked. In the past, with only a little power of the soul, the sword spirit would die with heartache, but now he actually proposes to use half the power of the soul to ripen the sky petal orchid…. But Chu Yang turned a deaf ear and followed behind Young Master Wei. His greatest wish now is to upgrade the Nine Tribulations Sword as soon as possible, and then heal Mo Qingwu. The only request for the sword spirit is that he didn’t hear the rumble… . Well, after finishing the business, I can mention it incidentally… As for whether there is hope, it depends on whether Mr. Wei has something to ask for…. The sword spirit lost his soul in the Nine Tribulations Space, wandering around, pulling his hair and muttering to himself: “This is Slot Games Tianbianlan, I really want to eat Tianbianlan Betway…” “Tianbianlan” Immortal soul… oh my god…I’m not alive, and there is still this kind of temptation…it’s a fatal temptation…” Sword Spirit spun around nervously, and suddenly jumped in Chu Yang’s mind, very Rhythm roared: “Tian petal orchid! Sky petal orchid! I want to eat the sky petal orchid! I want to eat the sky petal orchid! “Chu Yang’s face was full of black lines. And the roulette space of consciousness couldn’t be closed, Young Master Chu just endured…, endured the affiliate… endured…, it’s fucking enough, wait until you get the complete Nine Tribulations Sword , The first thing is to get this guy out… Damn, what kind of world is this! A sojourner remnant soul is so arrogant… Sportybet. “Here is my practice room, this Mozzartbet, is My meditation room: This one is my breakthrough room, and here is my study. This room is my Le Parimatch room, this room is my piano

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