World-Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 86 Three-Star Saint Race? Star Surebet247 family?

The fourth part of Aoshi Nine Heavens: Iron sports betting Yunbutian “This is a dark forest. The reason why it is called roulette is the Yinfeng Forest, because there is a big mountain on the left and right, blocking the east and west sides from convective flow. And there is a mountain pass in front of it. , the mountain pass is very narrow, and the originally small wind will make a loud noise when it blows in through this mountain pass; the most amazing thing is that from the mountain pass to here, there is a towering landscape Ironwood forest; the sound of the wind passes through these ironwood forests, and the sharp branches and leaves of the ironwood forest move in the wind, and it becomes howling ghosts and wolves.” “And here, there must be someone who took advantage of this natural condition to underground this forest, A stream of groundwater was brought in, and it was Nairabet Hot Spring. The water mist rose up and could not diverge from the left and right, so it could only digest itself in this forest. Over the years, it has formed such a dense forest!” “And among them, And the formation is playing a decisive role!” Chu Yang said this when arranging the strategy. What he said was even more detailed than the few original residents in the third day of real madrid. This made Gu Duxing and the others feel a little embarrassed. It’s also a bit unbelievable: the boss just came to the Online Casino, how can he know these places much better than himself? “And these are our advantages! Even if it is a disadvantage, as long as we make good use of it, it is beneficial! Because what is not good for us is also not good for the enemy! This sentence must be remembered under any circumstances! “Chu Yang said indifferently. Liverpool, he is using all the time to Parimatch, instilling all theories he knows to his brother! Many of these theories are commonplace. But Chu Yangyi

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