Chapter 73 A sports betting person singles out a Sportybet family!

It’s a wild night! That night, Xie Danqiong was almost crazy, pulling Chu Yang to fight wine, glass after glass, jar after jar… Xie Danqiong’s goal was obvious: pour him down! Only by infusing him can he show his sincerity, his gratitude, NetEntman city’s own mind…God knows how this thought came about. Chu Yang had just dealt with a round of persuasion in the Evolution game, when he saw Xie Danqiong stepping on drunken steps, playing drunken fists, stepping over with drunken eyes, a handsome face that made women jealous, full of alcohol: ” Come on, come on, brother Chu, let’s do it!” Already belching, the pride is still undiminished. “If you don’t drink it… that’s no good!” Xie Danqiong said with a big tongue, “This is a secret wine… It’s mixed with immortal intoxication, and it can’t be forced out with spiritual power… Come, come, come… drink this One cup…drinking this bowl…drinking this pot…you won’t die if you get drunk…” Chu Yang was dumbfounded. And this statement? If you don’t get drunk, I count you as uninvited? Well, since you want to drink, who is afraid of whom? Chu Yang was so proud that he suddenly stood up and yelled, “Okay! Just drink! Look at my brother and I single-handedly challenged the Xie family with the capacity of one person today! If you can’t get drunk, I don’t drink!” This sentence completely ignited the contradiction. Xie Liverpool’s family, every Endorphina stared in astonishment, and then became furious. “What BGaming did I hear? This guy actually wants to compete with our family?” “Drunk him to death!” BetWinner “Kill him!” “Drunk him to death!” ! When will you get down on him, when will the banquet be over!” Betking “Come on…” Since

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