World Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 6 Nairabet Ten Real Madrid Humiliates Mo Tianyun!

Ou Duxiao and Paripesa Xie Danqiong kangnai signed an IOU, and everyone felt helpless and aggrieved. Mo Tianyun also picked up the pen, but felt that the pen weighed a thousand pounds, and those few words could not be written by Parimatch. Is it really worth it? How to return it? The family’s working capital was almost taken out by himself, and four of the eight major industries were mortgaged by himself! Although the Mo family is rich and powerful, in the Premier League these years, the two brothers have quarreled with each other, and the quarrel has become empty… “Brother Mo…” Chu Yang smiled and said, “Send me an IOU.” That’s all, it’s only five hundred and twenty-five hundred taels. Could it be that, Brother Mo, you…, haha… you can’t even come up with this little money?” Mo Tianyun’s face was livid! If it was normal, he would be fine if he took it out, but now…, he just exported more than 2 billion, squeezed out livescore and went to four industries, no matter how rich he is, he is already empty. Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong and Ou Duxiao looked at him gloatingly, yes! Make you so greedy that you actually want to swallow a billion for yourself! Taste of retribution now? “Hehe…, brother Chu, look… can you be more lenient?” Mo Tianyun gritted his teeth, and said in a low voice. Finally, he decided to let go of his figure; he had to bow his head under the eaves. Now the little LeapBetWinner is in the hands of others, not showing weakness… How else can I evolve the game? “Brother Mo… This is your fault.” Chu Yang interrupted Spinmatic in displeasure, and asked straightforwardly: “Are you out of money?” “It’s really difficult…” Mo Tianyun insisted scalp. “Yeah, I can see that you must be in trouble, Brother Mo! Otherwise, the one billion won’t be all borrowed

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