Proud World Nine Heavens Roulette Chapter 8 Those who follow me will prosper, those who go against me will perish!

Chu Yang’s chelsa body shook. He quickly thought of baccarat, especially the words ‘replaced by live betting’, which kept circling in his mind. “With the help of the Zhongtian family’s ambition to reach the top three days…” Chu Yang let out a chuckle, and said, “This is very unreliable! From what we have seen so far, the three-day throne in Zhongtian can already be said to be a master; there are not many emperor-level masters of the major families! But the one in front of us now has such a cultivation level, the ninth rank of the emperor! So, among the nine big families of Nairabet, how many Mozzartbet king-level saint-level masters are there? With the meager strength of the current Zhongtian family, how can it be replaced? “”Among the great families, each generation has the ambition to rush to the next three days!” But they didn’t dare to reveal it at all. Do you think that these families that have been passed down for thousands of years have such a little background? “Jian Ling snorted, and said: “How many real masters come out and run around?” Wouldn’t it be that they found the ruling family of the last three days to play poker to destroy them? “But the Gu family failed to break into an imperial rank and imprisoned the owner’s own daughter, Gu Miaoling. Moreover, the Gu family has no imperial masters, that’s for sure. “Chu Yang firmly believed in Gu Duxing’s words, because Gu Duxing had no reason to lie to him.” How many years did the Gu family last? “Sword Spirit said dismissively: “How strange is it that there is no emperor-level master Liverpool in a family that is only a few hundred or even a few decades old? “” When you really start to conquer, you will find out how much resistance you have! “Sword Spirit said slowly: “But rumble…you also need to know that the power is as great as the resistance!” “Premier league history

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