Proud World Nine Heavens 410th Premier League Chapter Seven Nine Turns Xuan Yin

Chu Yang’s laughter was so loud that it seemed to shake the wind and thunder, and it echoed endlessly in this world. ]..The haughty attitude of King Chu Yan was reflected in the hearts of the two armies in this way. The sky trembled, the mountains shook, and the earth moved! The three armies held their breath! It seems that this figure looking up to the sky and screaming, like a shocking chelsa, cut the entire sky into two halves from where he passed! Crazy! So unruly! What a Chu Yan Wang! Fifth lightly smiled and shook his head. In the end, he was put together by this guy. He can declare to the world so arrogantly that he can be as arrogant as he can! But I can’t. But in this way, it created an illusion in front of the two Bet9ja armies: he was at a disadvantage. This guy! Really don’t miss any chance. Fifth Qingrou thought slowly, and returned to the formation. Thinking about Chu Yang Betting’s words along the way, he couldn’t help but shook his head with a wry smile; this Chu Yan Wang, from the general point of view, any of his words are meaningless. But in fact, every word he said was directed at his own defense! If it weren’t for Slot Games’ firm mind, I’m afraid he would really be influenced by his Endorphina. Immortal…does it really have no effect? Fifth Qingrou’s face sank like water. The millions of soldiers were silent, watching the two break up, watching Chu Yanwang return to the camp without success; watching Wu Qingrou go back. This is how the online casino goes about its day. As night fell, there was darkness between heaven and earth. In the roulette of the Tieyun barracks, there are dots of stars; patrolling troops come and go, the army is waiting for the battle, and the tent is full of strength, and Tielongcheng and Tierumble Butian sit opposite each other. “This King of Hell of Chu is much more arrogant and domineering today than before.” Iron Dragon City

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