Dark Night Tour Surebet247 Hero Chapter 83 BetWinner Harvest 【Two in One】

The moment the Devil Knights appeared, Balkh was completely panicked. Marvin didn’t give him enough opportunities to prepare. After all, this demon wizard has legendary spellcasting ability. He can also communicate with the blood pool of the abyss. God knows what other spells he can use. Under the leadership of Nairabet, the devil knights launched a relentless attack on the devil altar! For the devils, attacking the altar of the devil is too familiar. Every battle in the thousand-year bloody battle will be integrated into their bones and become part of their instincts. If these devil knights came one by one, then Balkh is completely capable of destroying them with his own spells. However, when the twenty-four knights were divided into three directions to attack at the same time, the demon altar seemed a bit stretched. Underworld death light crazy Leap burst, a lot of spells like cheap tricks Parimatch was thrown out. Under the flames and gray rays, the devil knights kept falling one by one. But no one backs down. The devil’s pride does not allow them to compromise with the devil, and Marvin’s order will not allow them to retreat! They can only charge! Tuk tuk tuk! The horseshoes of the skeleton warhorse stepped on the void, and they could make a soul-stirring sound. Marvin knew that this was not a sound for no reason, but a sound with Betway deterrent effect! The sound of horseshoes sounded continuously, and even interfered with Balkh’s spellcasting several times! Even the demon wizard in the demon altar cannot be completely immune to the harassment of the sound of horseshoes. After all, he is betting alone, so weak! The breath of destruction continued to spread, but regardless of Baher’s casting speed

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