Proud World Nine Heavens 390 Roulette Ten Rumble Chapter 1 is full of treasures

One of the snakes suddenly arched its body, leaped forward, shook its head, and the snake in its mouth flew out with a bang. It flew fourteen or five feet away, and stuck to the body of a Wu Zong with a snap , Rolled around in an instant, and shook his head again, the master screamed in horror, his feet left the ground, and flew out like a Mozzartbet flying through the clouds and fog! Fall into the snake. ! The other snake jumped up and shook its head violently, but it obviously chose the wrong target. This guy actually came for Jing Menghun! Jing Menghun let out a loud roar, jumped up, held a shiny long sword in his hand, almost exhausted all his strength, and slashed down! With a sound of swiping, the smelly bird black and some green blood splashed everywhere, and the long snake letter was chopped off by him with a sword, and the severed snake letter fell on the ground, twisting and rolling like a living thing , It was full of dust in a blink of an eye. The snake suffered a heavy blow, and suddenly let out an extremely painful ‘liverpool hiss’ sound, and its huge body rolled on the ground in pain. There was a strange hissing roulette in the other snake’s mouth, Slot Games opened its mouth wide, and suddenly spewed out a puff of pink smoke, which sprayed into the snake’s affiliate. Slowly, the bleeding stopped, and the snake stopped rolling. Although the spirit was a little sluggish, it obviously recovered a lot. “This isn’t a snake, it’s an ancient spirit beast spouting dragon!” Jing Menghun finally understood when he saw the pink mist, this strange way of healing, and the silver horns on the heads of these two snakes. The two monsters suddenly covered their noses and backed away like lightning. At the same time, Betting yelled, “Get back quickly, don’t smell the pink smoke!” Everyone dared to neglect

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