Proud 1xBet World Nine Heavens 322 chelsa Chapter 13 is hearty [Fill! 】

What the author of this chapter said: Vote with votes, and click the link of the book page if you don’t have votes, so as to increase the number of clicks on “Ao Shi Nine Heavens Sportybet”! Let us dance the wind and cloud together, let us read this magnificent article together! “Ashishi Nine Heavens” starts with a livescore link to the book page: This chapter links to Betway: ☆: [Computer User Access] Aoshi total serial address (including the address of nearly twenty chapters and the address of the e-book): “Come to fight!” Mr. Wei gasped; I feel like my chest is about to explode. I’ve never been so aggrieved! But Mr. Wei was also surprised by Slot Games: Why does a good amethyst heart have no energy? Moreover, it shattered as soon as it was held in your hands? It’s not that I didn’t suspect that Chu Yang had made a move, but when I looked at Chu Yang, I denied it in my heart: It’s not that I underestimate this guy, it’s because of him that I want to set such a trap in such a short time The method requires at least five hundred years of cultivation… Naturally, Chu Yang would not be polite. A prance, a jump, and a shake of his hands were just one move, a little bit of cold light was shining! Mr. Wei stamped his feet and roared loudly, as if to vent his anger, and then greeted him with a stern roar. There seemed to be fireworks blooming in mid-air, and the ground trembled. Chu Yang’s body flew out like a shooting star, flying obliquely into the air. Mr. Wei only used 10% of his strength, staggered, staggered, and retreated thirty or forty steps in a row, as if he was drunk. Chu Yang clearly felt that using this move now was much more powerful than Nairabet’s. Can’t help but lift up my spirits. It really works! There was a clear whistle in the sky, the long sword was rolled around, and a beam of light like a rolling dragon shone all over the body

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