Proud World Nine Heavens 300th Slot Games Chapter 10 Daughter Drinks Spinmatic Daughter Red

“Scared!” Chu Yang was sweating. Suddenly felt sad for the enemy Gao Sheng who had never met… Being played by a woman in this way is considered unique… “Do you want to know… I learned from him that Fifth Qingrou is a lot A lot of things? Including… many, many, secrets?!” Huyan Aobo blinked. “There are many, many things about Fifth Qingrou’s Slot Games?” Chu Yang looked at her inquiringly, thought for a long time, and finally said firmly: la liga “Yes!” “You finally admitted that you are the King of Chu Yan!” Huyan Aobo looked at him with a smile. “Betting Yan Spinmatic King, gentle or soft, but they are all mortals.” Chu Yang said very philosophically: “For half a month, I am here, and you are here. I observed you for half a month, and you also studied me for half a month.” Months. You asked me to come up today, definitely not just to prove my identity.” “Betking, of course!” Huyan Aobo laughed coldly. “Dare to ask the real intention.” “It’s very simple.” Huyan Aobo raised his head, and said quietly: “It’s true that Gao Sheng escaped marriage. But in Zhongtian, he can be regarded as a relatively famous rising star.” “Firstly, I came here because I was curious, and secondly, because it’s fun for a woman to disguise herself as a man… So I sneaked in and went to see this person.” “After several months of observation, I finally came to a conclusion.” Huyan Aobo lightly Leap smiled lightly, with a hint of disdain: “Gao Sheng is a talent, has brains, has means, and has great potential for martial arts development.” “In that case, why are you?”…” “If such a person doesn’t run away from marriage, I will just marry him, and that’s all. complete

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