Proud World Nine Heavens Man City Chapter 227 Dongjun Three Questions Evolution game!

As soon as Chu Yang’s words came out, Miss Xiaolu seemed to be shocked; she didn’t make a sound for a long while, but then the pot suddenly started! “Where did the bumpkin come from? Such a beautiful piano sound, dare to call it a broken song? Incomplete? “One of the real madrid teenagers in white and raccoon fur, Slot Games, sneered and said, “Do you understand?” “” Yes, no matter in terms of the artistic conception or the length of the song, this is a complete song! The corner of Lian Fanlei’s mouth turned up, looking at this bumpkin who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the earth, he said meaningfully: “Brother Chu, I’m afraid Online Casino has never heard such a beautiful song before, right?” Do you really think that the song about the shepherd boy in the mountains and the funeral in the countryside is the best song of all ages? “Hahaha…” A group of people suddenly burst into laughter. “This guy is a toad at the bottom of a well, what a world he has only seen!” “A group of dandies laughed wantonly.” Zheng! “The sound of the piano rang suddenly, and the hustle and bustle in the hall stopped immediately. The sound of the piano was fierce and decisive! Even people who don’t understand the rhythm can hear that the little chelsa girl is angry! This country bumpkin, who speaks rudely, really offends the beauty Angry! Everyone is gloating.” This song…” In the anticipation of everyone, Endorphina Xiaolu slowly said: “…It is indeed incomplete! It’s because, when I was composing this Msports song, I had a dream, misty and illusory, it seemed that la liga was in the dark, and someone told me that this is the premier league is my heart…” “After the little girl woke up, Immediately put on clothes to create this song. However, the dream is awakening, so that when I was about to turn around in the later stage of composing, I suddenly felt unsustainable; therefore, this piece of music is only half a piece! long

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