World-Proud Nine Levels of Poker Heaven Chapter 199 The Emperor Calls Baccarat!

“You are not me! You can’t know how I feel!” Tie Butian gritted his teeth, although it was painful, but as long as there is still a breath, there is hope! Although the hope is slim, even ridiculous, but there is hope! I just feel that it is full of hope to return casino Slot every day! “”Seventeen thousand years ago, when he was still drinking blood, the first emperor of the first generation of the empire, His Majesty the Emperor of the Oracle Empire, was dying. Man, a Nine Layers Pill Livescore will make that emperor recover immediately! That His Majesty’s injury is much more serious than my royal father’s now! Tie Butian reached out and grabbed Chu Yang’s lapel, hissed: “He is the emperor, and my father is also the emperor in the premier league!” But why didn’t my father come to give the Nine Layers Pill? Why? ,, “Nine Layers Pill!” Chu Yang Slot Games only felt that he had been hit hard by a big hammer in his heart! “That’s right! It’s the Nine Layers Pill! The truth about this matter has been buried all the time. No one has dared to stand up and say that only in the royal classics of the past dynasties are there records, but Slot Games will never have it because of the royal records.” Wrong!” Tie Butian raised his head to the sky and screamed angrily: “Why is there no such thing as my father?” Chu Yang was speechless! He never knew that there was such a thing! The Nine Layers Pill actually appeared 17,000 years ago! That is to say, 17,000 years ago, there was a Surebet247 Nine Tribulations Sword Master! Only the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword can obtain the Nine Layers Pill! “Everyone knows that death is better than being alive now; but even if you don’t speak from family affection, if you speak from the political situation, if I let my father die

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