Proud World Nine Heavens Slot Games Chapter 15 Msports Chapter 17 Big Gamble!

“What I want is the heart of a strong man!” Chu Yang said deeply: “It’s not a rank. A warrior, as long as he has the heart of a strong man, he can rise step by step to the peak. But live betting, a Wuzong If you don’t have the heart of a strong man, at best it’s just a piece of meat with high skill.” “The heart of a strong man…” The three of them seem to have realized something “Also, if you want to stay here, as long as you recognize me for a day” Boss, you must listen to me!” Chu Yang said sarcastically: “In my Tianbinge, I don’t need your deep-rooted self-esteem of ‘Second Young Master.'” “No matter what, I stayed anyway, just Lai, I’m here too.” Ji Mo sat down at the gate of Tianbing Pavilion, playing Lai. “Will you be obedient?” Chu Yang frowned worry-free. “Shut up!” The three of them said in unison at the same time. At this moment, the three of them Bet9ja at the same time have a feeling: If they are kicked out, it will be really embarrassing… “Well, I will reluctantly accept you as a good deed.” Chu Yang Spinmatic Reluctantly, baccarat said: “However, I will say the ugly things first. If anyone fails to meet my requirements, then when I let him go, don’t be so brazen. I hate people like that.” “Of course; If you can’t meet the requirements, who will stay here with the cheek?” The four Evolution gamers looked at each other at the same time, with expressions of ‘you will be the first one to be eliminated in the future. The invisible competition la liga has already started between them! “Very good. From now on, I will give you three families a chance to decide the outcome.” Chu Yang said slowly, “The major families are arranging seats for three days now; of course, such a difficult task

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