NetEnt’s Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 143 The Main Master Betting Appears

The world-defying Nine Heavens Yin can’t do this, it’s the most detrimental to the body, and Zhensu’s internal organs are taboo, but la liga is now Yin can’t, what taboos can there be? What shock? Regardless! kill kill kill! No one has ever been able to give me such an insult! This kid must be killed! As long as this kid is killed, I would rather shake it a hundred times! The hatred in Yin Can’t’s heart has reached an unimaginable level! Not only hate, but also shame, and fear of Betting! Faintly, there is still a trace of greed! In this kid’s hands, there must be a magic weapon, far surpassing the magic weapon in the worldly sense! Otherwise, how could he hurt me? As long as I kill him, the magical weapon will be mine! With my skill, coupled with such a magical weapon, it will be absolutely like a tiger with wings added! Taking a long breath, Yin couldn’t get up into the air again, chose the right direction, and pursued in a straight line! He only regrets one thing now, why doesn’t he have a hidden weapon on him? ! However, even with a hidden weapon, this nasty guy, Betking, couldn’t die so happily! I want him to suffer the cruelest torture in the whole world before he dies, no! Only if I can’t live but can’t die, can I dispel the hatred in my heart! It’s true that Yin Fu could not pursue desperately, but why didn’t Chu Yang run for his life desperately? Chu Yang devoted himself to choosing the tricky and eccentric Mozzart route; he kept changing directions rapidly, even if it caused the meridians in Roulette’s body to be in a mess, he didn’t care. Closer, closer! Cloud Gate Inn! Just get here! I only ask for Cloud Gate Inn! That way, everything I have painstakingly arranged can work! Chu Nairabeyang only felt that his heart was beating so hard that it almost burst out of his throat.

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