Dark Night Champions League Champion Chapter 53 Library [5,000 words poker]

Other chapters hot ,,,,,,,,,,,, being able to encounter a black dragon on the second basement floor is what Marvin wants to see most. Phoenix\/Huang\/updates quickly and there is no pop-up window, please search for other people in f/h/x/s/c/o/m five-color ancient dragon, he is not sure of victory. Although under the restriction of the advanced transformation technique, their strength has been greatly limited. Basically Parimatch is basically equivalent to a legendary wizard with a strong body. Only the black dragon can be eaten to death by Marvin because it does not have the magic ability of dragon language. It is said that this has something to do with the betrayal of the LiveScore Black Dragon Clan. Although Marvin is interested in these ancient histories, they are not the current focus. His most important target right now is the library. As for BGaming’s nightmare situation, he volunteered to help out, not the main force. With swordsman Conn, the professor and others taking action in person, Ma Wen came here with the mentality of playing soy sauce, and bet the game to see if he could get any benefits. After all, although the underground temple is dangerous, it also hides many treasures. Libraries are one of them. Besides, the underground temple sports betting is so complicated, it is not easy to find the entrance to the next floor. Marvin believes that even if it is a five-color dragon, it is not so easy to find the entrance. At least that’s what the intelligence of the golden dragons shows. As for entering the library, Marvin deduced from the current information Nairabet that it would be a bit troublesome. Administrator Fati is a very powerful Paripesa spellcaster who controls the entire Liverpool library and guards the library gate. Outsiders want to enter the library. with her permission

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