World-Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 129 Chelsa Jade Blood BGaming Loyal Heart Chu Hades!

Chu Yang looked at the throne sincerely, and said: …This senior, this master of the rivers and lakes, promises a thousand dollars, and this official is trusted by Liverpool. Therefore, I am looking forward to it… 1xBet even has some plans for what Endorphina will do in the future. But starting…it is a secret between Xiaguan and Butian Pavilion, related to the great war between the two countries…please senior…keep it a secret. “The master of the throne slowly took the lead, looked at the other one, and knew it in his heart. Yes, this is in line with Mo Chengyu’s pedantic “The kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by the spring, that kind of dead pimple” Personality…”You, King of Hell of Chu, can be regarded as honest.” Throne said gloomyly: “However, that so-called master…I’m afraid I can’t do anything for you…” “Why?” Chu Yang He smiled and said: “One thousand gold promises, I can tell that that brother is a person who knows how to repay his kindness. Naturally, such a person values ​​promises the most…” “Haha… why?” A dozen or so masked men laughed mockingly, and one of them jokingly said: BGaming, “Because the person you mentioned is about to die under the hands of our throne! How can the dead repay their kindness?” “Ah?” Chu Yang With a look of extreme shock in his eyes, Na Na said: “From… over… this…” “Where did they go?” Lord Throne snorted coldly. “Well, I really don’t know.” King Chu Yan seemed to be immersed in a huge loss, and he pleaded: “Uh, senior, can you be merciful to that person…? Such a poker fire… If Leap dies… , What a pity.” Chu Yan Wang stumbled and sighed. “This, it’s not up to you, a sour secular official, to decide!

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