World Proud Nine Champions League Day 115th Betting Chapter A Silver Lining

“Well, when she wakes up, one, one one, can you change her name?” Chu Yang scratched his scalp in such an embarrassing manner, and his face turned red for the first time: “Look, I’m only ten years old this year. Six years old, actually not that old, before rumble’s birthday… just being an uncle is too unreasonable…” “You’re only sixteen?” Mo Chengyu was stunned, seeing that this affiliate guy seemed to have He is powerful, and he acts in a disciplined way, and his thoughts are even more secretive; except for being a little impulsive about the young lady’s leaving and staying, it can be said that he has calculated everything without any omissions; he is only sixteen years old? “Yes.” Chu Yang chuckled. That didn’t ask about NetEnt shoes either. Mo Chengyu was very betting and readily agreed to persuade Mo Qingwu that he also thought about real madrid, and felt that it was inappropriate for Mo Qingwu to call him Uncle Chu Yang. Pu Qingwu is a nine-year-old girl, of course it’s okay to be called uncle, but when Mo Tianji and Mo Tianyun come, they are both much older than Chu Yang, so they are also called uncles? The two of them and Mo Qingwu are brothers and sisters, the same generation… Besides, Chu Yang is so fond of Miss, isn’t it the same to call her uncle or elder brother? He cares so much about this title, it seems that Spinmatic really likes Miss very much, um, Miss is smart and cute, and everyone loves it: No wonder Chu Yang likes it so much… At this moment, Mo Chengyu even had a panic in his heart. Feel proud. Of course, even if Mo Chengyu thought about it, he would never have imagined that Chu Yang would be so savage that he would actually have feelings for a girl who was only nine years old… This is simply impossible: no matter who it is , Seeing an eight or nine-year-old female teacher… who is not so beastly as to have… that kind of thought, right? but…………

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