Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 102 is too clean, no Slot Games for Liverpool!

“King Chu Yan, giggling…Chu Yang, you really have something to do!” Wu betting Qianqian covered her small mouth and laughed wildly in front of Chu Yang. Thinking of Chu Yang’s nickname, Wu Qianqian was overjoyed. At the same time, deep in Wu Qianqian’s heart, there was also a faint sense of frustration and deep admiration. Chu Yang is one year younger than himself, but he has achieved a level that his livescore could never have dreamed of. With the strength of one person, and with the identity of a person of unknown origin, he actually became the throne of Butian Pavilion! You know, this is the position that his father, Wu Yunliang, dreamed of getting, but he failed after several years of hard work; and it took only half a month for Chu Yang to achieve all this! Of course, his father’s sect background is different from Chu Yang’s solitary body, Tie Butian will not take risks; but… Isn’t Chu Yang a Betking who also came from Tianwailou? Isn’t the prince afraid that Chu Yang is an invisible person in Tianwailou? He was wary of his father, why not Chu Yang? These are all Bet9ja things that Wu Qianqian is confused about, but she won’t say it out loud. Ever since she knew about Chu Yang’s arrival, she heard people talking about Chu Yang, saw Chu Yang again, and went to invite Chu Yang herself, and with the etiquette of a state guest… At that time, Wu Qianqian felt like a dream Yes, I really admire this former junior brother. Although Wu Qianqian saw Chu Yang’s every step clearly, but Betting was just an after-the-fact analysis. If it had been a different person, Wu Qianqian would never have believed that there was anyone in the world who could do better than Chu Yang at BetWinner! But what happened afterwards was even more beyond Wu Qianqian’s expectations. In one night, he had just entered Butian Pavilion,

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