Aoshi BGaming Nine Heavens Chapter 74 The true meaning of the word “Heavenly Soldiers” baccarat!

Hearing this, the men in black at the door turned their heads and looked at him. Chu Yang felt a cold murderous aura lock on him. Iron Dragon City’s words were like a rumble breach, breaking through the barrage of murderous intent! Beside Chu Yang, another murderous mountain torrent erupted, sweeping and spreading. This murderous Slot Games is more pure and sharp! With one against Betting four, they did not lose! It was Gu Duxing who was standing quietly beside Chu Yang Betking! Gu Duxing’s hand was already on the hilt of the sword! His eyes have revealed the dazzling light that can only be released by gathering all the strength of the whole body! Intimidating, yet calming! Gu Duxing’s murderous intent and those four people’s murderous intent stirred together, and suddenly the whole store fell into an ice cave. The cold atmosphere filled half the streets of Forebet. In Gu Duxing’s eyes, no matter what the people in front of him are, no matter what power and achievements the affiliates have, the next three days will be the next three days! The next three days can never be compared with the middle three days! Not to mention a general, even an emperor… so what? Chu Yang is now his biggest reliance and only hope to rescue Miss Xiao Miao! If these people want to deal with Chu Yang, then they have to step over their own corpses! No matter what, as long as you dare to do it, I will kill you! Iron Dragon City looked at Gu Duxing in amazement, waved back, and the four murderous auras disappeared without a trace. Gu Duxing snorted, took the Pragmatic Play from Spinmatic body breath, and restored that cold zombie face. Standing behind Chu Yang, he remained motionless. The four people on the opposite side also restrained their murderous aura one after another, and looked at Gu Duxing with cautious eyes. Such a murderous look, and such a young man, gave the four of them a shock

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