Proud World Nine Heavens Sixth NetEnt Chapter Ten Evolution Game Prince’s Tears

“Oh, that man is after my old friend Betting. Speaking of this man, Leap, he is really a good man. He values ​​love and righteousness, has both loyalty and filial piety, but he is brave and resourceful, and has strong martial arts skills. Although he is young, he is a good man. A rare and good affiliate.” Du Shiqing shook his head sighingly, introduced Chu Yang’s background, and focused on the ambush he encountered, and finally said: “If it wasn’t for him, I’m afraid I wouldn’t see you today. To the prince. Moreover, this person is so talented that it is unimaginable. He draws inferences from one instance, has a photographic memory, and is smart and wise. He can be called a hero of the world!” In Du Shiqing’s accent, he highly praised Chu Yang. It’s almost to the point where no effort is spared. And Slot Games and 1xBet speak sincerely, obviously from the heart. If Chu Yang followed him all the way, I’m afraid there would never be such an unexpected effect. Du Shiqing also had slight regrets. Along the way, Du Shiqing revealed more than once his intention to take Chu Yang as his apprentice and teach him medical skills with all his strength. Even, when he came here, Du Shiqing once said in disappointment: “…Chu Yang, Endorphina old man has a vague premonition that this trip to Tie Yun will be the end of my Du Shiqing. If you can’t accept it, I’m afraid poker I’m afraid that this old man’s medical skills will be lost forever…” Chu Yang still refused. Du Shiqing sighed sadly. Although there was no hope of accepting an apprentice, he still passed on the “Immortal Medicine” that he had written all his life to Chu Yang, as well as a torn volume of “Hundred Herbal Medicine”. “This “Hundred Herbs Classic Liverpool” is the roulette origin of my medical skills. In my whole life, I have only seen 60% of them. And this “Immortal Medicine” is my life’s painstaking effort. If you can learn ,but

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