Proud World Nine Leap Chongtian Chapter 32 Baptism

Chu Yang is just a breakthrough warrior, how could he force out the impurities in the meridians? What kind of monstrous apprentice did I accept? Meng Chaoran was completely stunned! Meng Chaoran, who can make Leap have always been calm and careless, is shocked to this point. This is definitely the first time in Tianwailou! If Wu Yunliang and the others knew about it, they might lose their eyes! The breakthrough of general samurai is to force out some impurities in the body, and these impurities are acquired, called “incarnation”, samurai level 9, level 1 to the peak of samurai, basically removes the impurities on the surface of the body . Then poker is a martial artist; the breakthrough of a martial artist is also step by step to force out impurities in the body to make the body more suitable for cultivation, and the impurities forced out by the martial artist’s cultivation base are inside the body, including the five internal organs; these are also acquired impurities ! This step is called “transformation”. After that, the impurities that Wu Zong forced out during his breakthrough were the impurities in the meridians, and such NetEnt impurities were also acquired. At this point, rumble has really reached the middle stage of cultivation. This step is called “washing”. Above Wu Zong, Wu Zun’s realm is the time to force out the deepest impurities in the body, the factors that are not conducive to cultivation in the bone marrow. This step is called “cutting marrow”! Cutting marrow is also the last roulette step of body training! Now, Chu Yang just broke through as a warrior, but he has actually reached the realm of washing scriptures. How could Meng Chaoran not be surprised? You know, the current Meng Chaoran has only reached the late stage of baptism! Chu Yang often let out a sigh of relief, and finally broke through to the Warriors in the Champions League! In other words, as long as you get the first section of the Nine Tribulations Sword, you can immediately cultivate the Nine Tribulations and Nine Heavens

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