Proud World Nine Betting Heavy Parimatch Days Chapter 18 The Mystery of Life Experience!

“I didn’t deal with it because this is Liverpool Qianshan’s ability. You two are also stupid! It’s useless to say it.” Meng Chao betting calmly said: “Slot Games is insidious and cunning, honeyed and sword-like, although despicable and obscene, this is also a skill And it is the necessary success condition for walking in the rivers and lakes. Shi Qianshan is still not secret enough, and you discovered it.” After a pause, Meng Chaoran said: “Shi Qianshan is still not a hypocrite.” Chu Yang silently After walking behind him for a while, he said softly: “I understand.” Meng Chaoran walked slowly without turning his head, and his tone was still so indifferent: “If you didn’t find Endorphina, I will Keep pampering Shi Qianshan until he no longer needs my pampering. Although there are only three of you brothers and sisters under my roulette, this is a world! Life and death are your own business, your own choice! “When it comes to ‘life and death, it is your own choice and your own business. ’ When these words were spoken, Meng Chaoran’s face did not change, but his voice suddenly became serious. These words seemed heartless, but Chu Yang sighed deeply. Master is just a guide, and you have to walk your own path in the future. Meng Chaoran’s current inaction Paripesa seems ruthless, but in fact he is letting his disciples experience the world by themselves. Even if it is later, it is still one step earlier than other disciples. And this is my own experience. It is completely different from what others teach! Although casino Slot is cruel, such cruelty is something that will be experienced sooner or later. A moment earlier, one more chance of survival! This is after my sect was destroyed in my previous life, I gradually realized the painstaking efforts of my master! “If you continue to be so stupid, you will make your debut in the future.

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